Just Lucky Enough – A Story of Fighter Pilot Brotherhood.

Dog Fights with ME-109s and knocking Hitler’s buzz bombs out of the air are their job. Luck is the game. Audie Glenn and his two Canadian brothers ‘Hawk’ and ‘Tubby’ set out on an adventure in the Royal Air Force during WW2. Strap into the cockpit and live in the UK during WWII. Blood, sweat, tears, beers and love take the reader on a full throttle adventure through the skies. Reviewed by Chuck Yeager!

Black Marble – Fighter Pilot Brotherhood in Korea.

“Bogeys crossing the Yalu River at nine o’clock and closing fast.” Men of the era were said to have “indomitable fighting spirit, heroic aggressiveness, and superb courage in engaging the enemy against formidable odds.” Audie Glenn and his two fighter pilot brothers ‘Hawk’ and ‘Tubby’ continue on an adventure during the Korean War. Chasing down Mig’s and flirting with the Yalu RIver…A nickel in the grass for a few…but some get lucky…a few are just lucky enough.